The Armed Forces Day

Apprising the students about the importance of the day – support & recognition towards the armed forces

The Armed Forces Day, also known as the Flag Day in India is observed every year on the 7th December. The theme behind the celebration is to express the nation’s solidarity with the soldiers in recognition of their sacrifices for the sake of our country, India. The Flag Day is a solemn reminder of the nation’s obligation towards the Armed Forces for their glorious achievements and the saga of their service and sacrifice for the motherland.
Every year on 7th December, we renew our solidarity with our valiant soldiers, sailors and airmen, both serving and retired. We remember on this day, the courage and sacrifices of those who preserve the territorial integrity of our country. The Indian Armed Forces have brought glory to themselves and to our motherland with their exemplary record of service, in times of war as well as peace. The President, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister appeal to all the citizens to contribute generously to the Flag Day Fund.
The fund money is used to the cause of the welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen. The families of war-widows are also rehabilitated by utilizing the fund money. Hence, the fighting soldiers get faith and confidence in army during any casualty.Thus, celebrating the Flag Day is also sacrifice for the safety and integrity of our nation. So, it’s our responsibility to support them, donating generously on the Flag Day by purchasing small flags sold by the volunteers.