Basant Panchami Celebration

Basant Panchami, also called Saraswati Puja is a festival that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated by people in various ways depending upon the region in the Indian subcontinent. Basant Panchami also marks the start of preparations for Holikadahan and Holi, which takes place forty days later. The Basant Utsav or Panchami is celebrated forty days before spring, because any season’s transition period is forty days, and after that, the season comes into full bloom.
For many Hindus, Basant Panchami is the festival dedicated to Goddess Saraswati who is the goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts. She symbolizes creative energy and power in all love. The season and the festival also celebrates the agricultural yields, ripening of mustard crop with yellow flowers, which Hindus associate with Goddess Saraswati’sfavouritecolour. People wear bright yellow clothes and mark the day with music, dance and kite- flying.
The students of classes I,II & III wore yellow dress on this occasion, the above information & video was shared during the online class, honurable Director ma’am lit the lamp & offered prayer to Goddess Saraswati, some of the staff members present in school also offered their prayers.